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Cupcakes that are gorgeous AND delicious!

Cupcake Decorating + Custom Cookies

Is there any better way to spend the day than decorating delicious cupcakes and making your very own Custom Cookie? Birthday girl Francesca and her friends Cristina and Tea couldn’t think of a better way! They recently came into our shop to spend an afternoon decorating some of our gourmet cupcakes, with some beautiful results.  In between […]

Delicious Cookie Cupcakes!

Celebrate our 4th Birthday with a Free Cupcake!

Our lovely little bake shop is turning 4 this Saturday, and what better way to celebrate than with Cupcakes, Cookies, and even better Cookie Cupcakes  (delicious cookie bottom with yummy icing on top!) We’ll be doing lots of cupcake sampling, and as an added bonus, if you buy a Gift Box of 4 of our […]


Alexander Keith’s Birthday Bash — You’re Invited!

We survived the amazing Ukrainian Fest for another year, but there’s something even bigger coming up.  Alexander Keith’s is celebrating his birthday and the Sweet Flour Team has been invited (we have to bring cookies of course!!)  The big bash is happening October 5th at the Evergreen Brickworks and is not to be missed.  Visit […]


Happy 3 Months Beckett

Beck celebrated his 3 month birthday on the same day Sweet Flour celebrated its 2nd Year anniversary.  Unfortunately, Beck had to enjoy the milk without the cookie — but he is excited for the day when he gets to take a little bite of his own and share a cookie with you at the shop.

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Happy Birthday Victoria!

Victoria and her friends celebrated her birthday here at Sweet Flour. They enjoyed a fresh glass of organic milk and custom cookies, as well as decorating their own large Elmo cookie!  Happy Birthday Victoria!

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Happy Birthday Zara!

Zara and her friends came by the store to celebrate her birthday! They decorated sugars cookies with sprinkles and icing while their custom cookies baked in the ovens. Happy Birthday Zara!!  


Happy Birthday Sarah

Sarah and her friends (,Sylvia, Keira, Sam, Diane, Leesh, and Holly) celebrating her 13th birthday with us this past Saturday night.  The girls ordered a full range of cookies  all baked in minutes –  favourite mix-ins included; pretzels, chocolate chunks, toffee and m&ms.  We always enjoy a good Saturday party.


Happy Birthday Nia

Nia and her family stopped in last weekend for an impromptu party  to celebrate here 6th birthday.  Nia enjoyed a fresh baked cookie with our classic dough, chocolate chunks and M&Ms.  Thanks for celebrating with us Nia – we love a good birthday.


Happy Birthday Faye

Faye and her friends came to Sweet Flour to celebrate her 11th birthday on Saturday evening.  The group made their own cookies, enjoyed our organic milk and had fun at the shop.  The staff had a great time celebrating her birthday with her.


Happy Birthday Emily

Happy birthday to Emily.  Barbara had this cookiegram made for her daughter’s birthday and shipped all the way to Alberta.   It made for a great party in Alberta, no doubt.