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Meet Mark & Tina


Mark & Tina

Favourite Cookie Memory

My mom is the queen of cookies. She knows a happy house always has two full jars of her specialty, chocolate oatmeal cookies.

Your Cookie

Mark – oatmeal dough, dark chocolate chunks and walnuts

Tina – oatmeal dough,  dark chocolate chunks and pecans.

Thank you Mark & Tina

Mark and Tina are our first Sweet Flour Bake Shop customers of the day. This is a regular feature on the Sweet Flour blog where our customers share their favourite cookie memory their unique cookie combination, which we call Your Cookie. Come back every day to discover Your Cookie.

One Comment

  1. Tina

    Saw my husband and I’s picture on your blog! Your website is fabulous. Keep up the good work! We love your cookies!

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