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New Year, New Feature on Canada AM: Be Happy & Healthy!


Jump Start Cookies v2We’re kicking off a healthier 2016 with Canada AM this Friday, Jan. 8th at 8:45 as we discuss some healthy eating tips you can live by.

A fresh baked cookie serves the soul, the tastebuds and now even your New Year’s resolutions!  Eating for health and happiness is a well rounded approach that includes the healthiest fruit, veg, and meats, along with some sweet treats in moderation.  A little sweetness boosts the mood, so take pleasure in your treat of choice, but keep it healthy with proper portion sizes and smart choices. If you’re keeping cookies on the menu, we’ve got great better-for-you options to stay balanced!

Are you looking for…

1) More energy?  The inspiration for our Fitness cookie came straight from fitness buffs who were looking for the benefits of a nutrition bar with a more natural taste appeal.  The Fitness cookie’s oatmeal base and bits of almond are a great energy source, while the dried blueberries and dark chocolate chunks provide key antioxidants and the perfect touch of sweetness in every bite.

2) More fruit and fibre? Bite into our Jump Start oatmeal cookie! Filled with apricots, cranberries and pumpkin seeds, this nut-free cookie is a great option when you’re dashing out the door in the morning, or when you need a boost in the afternoon to get you through to dinner.

3) Less gluten?  Removing gluten doesn’t mean removing taste!  Dedicated testings and recipe enhancements mean our Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk cookie, Peanut Butter cookie, and decadent Fudge Brownie are every bit as delicious as our classic cookies and bars.

4) Less “junk”?  No trans fats, no preservatives, no unidentifiable ingredients — we keep our ingredient list simple, using only high quality ingredients to allow the flavour to shine through.


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