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The Power of The Empathy Effect Project

The Empathy Effect: A great social experiment that believes empathy is infectious.

A great social experiment that believes empathy is infectious.

As part of our #SpreadSweetness Contest to raise money for POGO (Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario, an organization that raises money for families of kids with cancer), we have paired up with The Empathy Effect, a most amazing project launched on Facebook in June 2015 and has been gaining power ever since.

Read more about the project and its founder, Kim Smiley, below and then make sure to visit our webpage to enter our #SpreadSweetness Contest to win a $45 gift card! For each entry, we will donate $1 to POGO.  So simple, yet so helpful…inspired by The Empathy Effect!

The Empathy Effect
A 365-day social experiment, The Empathy Effect launched on Facebook on June 8, 2015. Our hypothesis is that empathy is infectious. 
In 90 days, we have attracted over 45,000 followers from 50 countries.
Our methodology is simple: every day (save Saturday), we post a black and white portrait and a short essay. Each post profiles a subject or object that is transforming the world through acts of empathy – large or small, random or planned, local or global. Our posts feature adults, children, animals, nature and even inanimate objects – anything that elicits empathy.
Social entrepreneur and artist Kim Smiley,  The  Empathy  Effect‘s Founder,  is the blog’s primary author and photographer.  Kim’s vision, however,  is to mobilize a “Confederacy of Dreamers,” a constellation of writers, thinkers, artists, photographers and change makers who share powerful stories from “empathy satellites” around the world.
At the end of the experiment (June 8, 2016), we will be presenting anEmpathy Effect Award for a minimum of $5000 to the subject that inspires  the  most  empathy  through “likes,” “shares” and comments. The award will be applied to a project, a dream or a social revolution – something that transmits a little more empathy  into the world. 
The catch? The winner will have to mobilize their prize through a registered charity or nonprofit.
Ultimately, the goal of The Empathy Effect is to gauge whether we can translate the easy optimism of online empathy (just a click away) into actual empathy in real space and time.
About The Empathy Effect’s  Founder
Kim Smiley is passionate about advancing causes and companies that marry profit with purpose. She has over a decade of executive experience inthe nonprofit sector, where she focused on enriching the lives of vulnerable populations. Kim is a professional fundraiser, writer and marketing and development expert.
In 2015, Kim left the philanthropic world to pursue her artistic and entrepreneurial passions. She is the Creative Director of the social enterprise, Sapphô by Kim Smiley, an accessories company that employs marginalized women at a Living Wage; and donates 20% of proceeds to charity. In June, Kim became a Partner in BizLife Solutions, a social enterprise that promotes mental health in the workplace. Kim has advanced degrees from McGill and Harvard University, and sits on several charitable boards and nonprofits.




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