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The Sweetest Proposal Story from Victoria & Steven


The sweetest proposal ever?!? We think so.

Our #Sweet4Sweets contest means we get to spend our days reading some truly sweet moments that our awesome Sweet Followers have shared.  All of them have made us smile, but this one from Victoria Perri definitely got a round of “Awwws…” from our team.  We couldn’t resist sharing their sweet proposal story…

      It was February 8, 2013 a very stormy wintery day! I had gone to work like a normal day, but of course it took me extra long because of the crazy weather we had in Toronto we had a lot of snow and heavy winds which made it even harder for me to see where I was going, anyways I finally made it to work safe got warm and enjoyed the rest of the day. 

I was excited for the end of the day, because I have a business with my sister where we set up candy stations for birthdays, weddings and any other special occasions and that night we had to set one up. It was a couple months back I had received an e-mail from this guy who wanted to propose to his girlfriend with a candy station he said his girlfriend loves candy and wanted to do something special for her on February 8 and he was wondering if we could help him out, now of course I e-mailed him back as soon as possible and told him we would be more than happy to help him with this special day. We had gone back and forth with e-mails on how he wanted things to be set-up and the location originally it was supposed to be downtown but then that day he had called my sister to change the location closer to where he lives because it wasn’t easy driving around with all that snow, that wasn’t a problem easier for us to get to.

Back to February 8 and now it’s the end of the day and I’m ready to leave work well of course my car is stuck in a pile of snow I had to dig my car out and co-workers had to push my car out of the parking lot now I’m happy driving off but of course I get stuck in traffic for 3 hours and got into a car accident which I wasn’t happy about but I was fine nobody was hurt and I finally made it home changed and rushed to the restaurant where I had to set up this wonderful candy station which consisted of different types of pink and red candies for this cute couple who was about to be engaged.

   Well I was all done setting it up and my sister tells me to stand by the table and wait until the guy gets here this way we can see if it’s a good spot for his girlfriend to stand now of course everything just went over my head and I’m standing in front of this table enjoying the song “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake I hear a knock at the door my sister opens the door now I’m thinking it is this guy “John” who I have been e-mailing back and forth about this fantastic evening for him and his girlfriend and well in comes my boyfriend Steven now I start freaking out! he is dressed in a suit and tie and starts walking towards me I look at my sister step back and say “is this a joke?” and my boyfriend says no now at this point I’m crying shaking and everything else that could possibly happen I was in complete shock. 

  Steven then takes my hand and tells me how much he loves me and he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and grow old together now of course he said so much more but I was in complete shock to even remember every exact word but he then gets down on one knee and said “Victoria will you marry me?” and opens this box with this beautiful ring inside of it as I’m crying hysterically I say YES!!!!!!!!!! Of course he puts the ring on my finger I jump up and hug and kiss him and I look at him and say are we engaged? He said yes we are and I look at my hand and see the ring and just can’t believe it <3 After the day that I had this moment made it all fade away and I will remember February 8, 2013 for the rest of my life <3 we are getting married this July 14, 2014.

Yes, we know you’re crying!! How incredibly sweet! Congrats to the happy couple who has now been entered into our contest to win a Sweet Table of 100 gourmet Cookies and Mini Cupcakes at their next event — perhaps for that wedding in July!!



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